Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Business Trip!

Madison, WI (photo taken by Craig Rouse)

Yeah, I went on one! And I haven't even been full time for three months. But I'm a tech savvy person, apparently, and that's what they needed. So that was quite fantastic. I learned administration duties for the Avid iNEWS Unity system we're getting soon. That's going to be fun, going from completely linear editing to completely non-linear. So, that's my update on life after college for now.

Also, check out www.cuil.com (pronounced "cool"). Some Google employees left to start this site, so it seems, and they boast more websites searched than Google. Their format is really interesting, but you have to be very general in your searches, which I don't like.

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Moll moll said...

Way to be a grown-up and go on a business trip.