Sunday, October 28, 2007

movies to video games and back again

It's amazing, the types of media that turn into other types of media. Video games become movies, movies become MMO games, television shows become movies and vice versa, and commercials turn into sitcoms! I was watching Lara Croft: Tomb Raider last night, and I found out that the game came out, and then turned into a movie with Angelina Jolie, and after that all the rest of the Tomb Raider games featured her voice as Lara Croft instead of the original movie.

My favorite movie ever is the Princess Bride, which came out 20 years ago, and just this year I found out it is being turned into an MMO, where you can play it online with many other people and experience life in that world.

And one of my favorite television shows, Firefly, got canceled after the first season, but there was such a following for it afterwards that a movie called Serenity was made as a kind of ending for the series. I enjoy how different types of media are meshed together until you aren't sure which one came first.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Anime and video games?

I met with my clients, the public relations director and the young adult librarian at the new Castle Public Library, on Tuesday this week to talk with them about the PSAs I'm making for them. They were very pleased with my ideas, and loved the radio spot I played for them. They promised to help me in any way they could, and were very excited that I wanted to do PSAs that promoted reading to the people in my generation. Apparently they get the least readership in that area, which is why we decided on that age group. What they're using right now to get young people into the library is anime clubs and video game parties, which is actually what some churches have been doing as well. So I hope that my PSAs have at least some impact on young adults, because I believe reading is very important.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

the world had teeth

Yesterday I filmed my PSA that I am making for the New Castle Public Library. Its purpose is to promote reading over video games in the teen to young adult category. I used the Wii as my video game console, and the books in the spot are Stephen King's "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" and John Grisham's "The Last Juror". The place where I filmed it was a fraternity house, and two of the brothers there were my actors. It went very well, although we had to rearrange the room we were in, and the lighting caused some problems. The actors were very good at offering up points I had not thought of, and they have both been in plays before, so I was very pleased that they were willing to do this for me. Two of my friends helped out by being my crew, and I could not have done it without them.

The one actor asked me at the end of the shoot if I would put it on YouTube when it was finished, which shows just how much our culture is into putting things on the internet, even if they were things that, in the past, had only been meant for television. And since this is what my project is also about, I thought it very fitting that he asked that. Of course I told him yes, and hopefully I will soon be able to figure out how to actually get something that I've made onto YouTube.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Sometimes I just don't like computers...

I still have not been able to get my commercial uploaded onto YouTube, and it wouldn't upload straight onto Blogger either, so I don't know what to do about that one. Hopefully I'll get it up here soon.

Another milestone of my capstone is completed. The public relations lady at the New Castle Public Library said they would love for me to do PSAs for them, and so I now have a client for my project. I had been worried about that, because I didn't know who else I would ask if they had said no. So I was very excited about that... and I also defined my target audience. Good things.

Last week I had three radio shifts instead of two because I covered for someone, and it was actually really awesome. Also, I was asked to read the news and do the afternoon news minute on Friday. I enjoyed that shift the most of the three, and I'm starting to think I could be a deejay for a real job. Before I was not very comfortable talking on the radio, but I'm liking it more and more. Of course, the button pushing jobs are more my style, but I could do this in addition on the side.