Friday, May 30, 2008

Wow, it's almost June already.

So, I have failed to keep up this blog after graduating, but you'll have that with the whirlwind of life after college.

Just for an update though, I did not get the camera operator job I applied for... so I applied at the same station for the weekend assignment editor position. And I got it.

So until the middle of April, I worked there on the weekends and at Wendy's during the week so I would have money enough for life. Then on April 15th I started covering the web producer position because someone moved on to ESPN.

And now, gloriously, I am full time at WJET, as of May 25th. I produce the FOX66 News at 10 show on the weekends, and I'm a web producer Monday through Wednesday.

Pretty good, going from part time to full time in 5 months, and with only sending out one resume. So that's my life at the moment.