Sunday, October 14, 2007

the world had teeth

Yesterday I filmed my PSA that I am making for the New Castle Public Library. Its purpose is to promote reading over video games in the teen to young adult category. I used the Wii as my video game console, and the books in the spot are Stephen King's "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" and John Grisham's "The Last Juror". The place where I filmed it was a fraternity house, and two of the brothers there were my actors. It went very well, although we had to rearrange the room we were in, and the lighting caused some problems. The actors were very good at offering up points I had not thought of, and they have both been in plays before, so I was very pleased that they were willing to do this for me. Two of my friends helped out by being my crew, and I could not have done it without them.

The one actor asked me at the end of the shoot if I would put it on YouTube when it was finished, which shows just how much our culture is into putting things on the internet, even if they were things that, in the past, had only been meant for television. And since this is what my project is also about, I thought it very fitting that he asked that. Of course I told him yes, and hopefully I will soon be able to figure out how to actually get something that I've made onto YouTube.

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Brad W. said...

YouTube is where it's at!!!